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Organizing & Containing Costco Cereal

I really struggle with organization, so when I find a product that solves a problem or irritation I get pretty jazzed about it. These Rubbermaid™ (BPA free!) containers completely hold a giant box of cereal from Costco. Whoo Hoo! No more not-quite-big-enough containers that are full plus an additional partly-filled bag floating around the pantry (and getting forgotten or […]

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Send him a “Boyquet” Valentines Day

    When I was dating my soon-to-be husband, I sent him an arrangement of flowers that had everyone in his office talking. The CEO received flowers! Did you see those wild things in it? This Valentine’s Day, surprise your sweetie with an exotic message that he’s special to you. Flowers for men should have […]

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Persimmon Bread

Fruitcake has turned into a holiday joke. As a child I looked forward to my grandmother’s version each Christmas. But today the thought of that neon-colored candied fruit makes me shudder. Instead, each Christmas season when the hachiya persimmons are ripe to nearly gooshy, I make persimmon bread. I don’t ask whether potential recipients are […]

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