What people are saying about Gardening Mercies:

Well done! Lovely!

Jan Karon, bestselling Mitford series author

Beautiful new book!  Truly creative approach.

Liz Curtis Higgs, bestselling author and speaker

I love it! I love all the sweet thoughts in it!

Dolly Parton, award winning music artist

Dolly Parton likes Gardening Mercies

From a reader who has bookshelves filled with devotionals, I have to say that Gardening Mercies is one of my favorites.

Tricia Goyer, bestselling author

This beautiful book, filled with illustrations and deep truths will transform your quiet time into something meaningful and memorable.

   • Discover how God is working in you, despite your past mistakes.

   • Grow a deeper reverence for and friendship with God.

   • Start the process of healing from painful moments in your life.

Gardens are places where we are up close and personal to God's daily miracles of creation, death, and rebirth—life itself. But life, like gardening, can be messy, dirty and hard. Digging into the struggles and joys we face daily, such as discerning God's will, coping with crushed hopes, and learning to love, Gardening Mercies provides inspiration and instruction for the seasons of our lives.

Filled with practical gardening tips & tricks

​Learn which plants have the best fragrance, how to take care of roses, and florist secrets of flower arranging.

Secrets of fragrance

Secrets of Rose Care

Secrets of Compost


Secrets of Flower Arranging

your devotional today!

It's time to dig deeper and grow stronger. Each of the 24 chapters includes a "Growing Points" section with questions for further study and discussion. All this for just $7.99.

Gardening Mercies-Finding God in Your Garden

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