Any marriage can be more romantic! 

Remember those long conversations you had in your dating days, when you were really discovering each other? When you thought only positive things about each other? When romance was easy?

The good news is that those moments when you really connect can happen no matter how busy you are or how long you've been married. This ebook is different in that every question is posed in such a way that you can only answer with positive responses! These questions will spark romantic, positive discussion every time.

• Whether you are newly married, in the midst of kids chaos or enjoying your golden years, there are questions for every stage of marriage. 

• So stop talking about the bills, the kids and your work and start connecting romantically!

Imagine hearing the warm answers to the questions on the sample pages below. 

Romantic Conversation Starters
Early Married Questions for Great Dates

Romance ahead

love you

Great Dates with your Mate= romance!

We needed this in our marriage! Our schedules are insane and we never took the time to connect. Thanks so much!  Sarah, Texas