Wings of Mercy - Spiritual  Reflections from the Birds of the Air

"Laurie Kehler has done it again....she takes a subject in nature and with her trademark honesty beautifully weaves in everyday struggles that all people can relate to—from unmet expectations, grief, and disappointments, to coveting her neighbor's house—with funny and poignant life lessons from our feathered friends. Thanks to this wonderful, well-written book, I'll never look at birds the same way again." - Laura Jensen Walker, Author Reconstructing Natalie- Women of Faith Novel of the Year.

Observe the cheery bluebird, the hovering hummingbird, and the brilliant cardinal along with the lowly sparrow. Discover why cowbirds sing, "I'm jest a girl who can't say 'no'!" Learn about God's special name for you from the red-winged blackbird. And find out what the simple wren can teach us about contentment. Lively descriptions and fascinating information about our feathered friends coupled with honest, searching insights about living out our faith make Wings of Mercy a book for every birdwatcher, whether casual or dedicated.

"Wings of Mercy is perfect inspirational reading for anyone who enjoys nature—bird lover, or not." - Marita Littauer, Speaker/Author, President CLASServices, Inc.

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Laurie Kehler

Hi friend! If you're like me, you find nature very nurturing. I love being outside, gardening, watching the birds, and taking in gorgeous days.

I'm the author of 4 books and I'm working on a 5th—also nature focused! If you love birds, or just want to learn more and grow in your faith, Wings of Mercy is for you.